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Professional Accessories


Great Lengths® Bag

A functional solution in metallic blue to carry your traveler’s trappings or your Great Lengths® tools of trade. Outside zipper and expandable interior for extra room. Adjustable canvas shoulder strap, velcro closure. 

16 3/4”w x 15 1/4”h x 8 1/2”d



Great Lengths® Cape

Great Lengths® Embroidered Logo-Identified  50” x 60”oversized classic cutting cape, light weight & water repellent. 60% Nylon, 40% Polyester.  Bound Edges with Adjustable 9” to 19” Snap Closure Neck.  Machine Wash/Dry. 

Colors: White w/ blue logo or Blue w/ white logo




Great Lengths® natural rubber cushion brush with tufts of pure boar and twin monofilament pins in soft nylon, is especially designed for hair extensions. Twin monofilament in soft nylon disentangles hair without damaging the joint between natural hair and extensions.  Specific shaped natural rubber cushion enables pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly on the whole brush with a more delicate action for hair and scalp. 

Sizes:  Purse, Oval and Square Paddle Style


The GreatWave™ Brush

The GreatWave™ brush is the world’s only brush that utilizes unique, wave shaped nylon bristles charged with Ionic Minerals. Its unique  barrel shape creates more of an open-ended wave, or can be used to smooth the hair straight and give lift and a beveled edge without curl.

• Faster drying time     • Deeper moisture penetration     • Silky, shiny, conditioned hair

Ideal for extension wearers, the bristles are designed to grip the hair and create a silky effect while easily passing over hair extension attachment sites. Clients without extensions will love it too!


Great Lengths® Fiskars®

With MicroTip® technology

The bond-snipping task feels effortless with this invaluable tool. Fiskars® are designed with a spring loaded handle and easy side lock which assists in opening and closing.   Extra Fine point with MicroTip® technology insures preciseness needed to customize GL bond size, cutting preparation time in half.