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At Secrets of a Duchess, we provide a small, enthusiastic haven for women who have been diagnosed with cancer, and women who believe that losing their hair may be the worst part of their whole treatment. We help them realize losing their hair is actually the best part, because they can look as good as ever, or better, without having to spend a lot of time on their hair.
Our customers are not like the many women who have a wig wardrobe and wear wigs for ease and speed each morning. Our customers are people who have never envisioned they would have to wear a wig. Their hair has always been their crowning glory, and they may have never tried on a wig before.
We have a calm, relaxed, fun, and happy atmosphere in our shop - and a large collection of wigs. We carry wigs for small, medium, and large heads, and styles for young to old. We work with wonderful, professional manufacturers, of which Raquel Welch is our favorite. Our representative, Danielle, is available 24/7 to help us make our customers’ wishes come true. Our relationship with Hair U Wear enables us to give women a wonderful service based on style, and if we don’t already have the right color, we can order it instantly.
In the wig business, it is almost impossible to get a smart wig for a lady with a large head. Raquel Welch and Hair U Wear have Voltage, Winner, and Upstage made available in large sizes. This has made our job far easier.
Many of our customers leave with a smile, and come back and visit regularly throughout their journey. We see them for years after their initial visit to the shop. We're very proud of our service and happy we can help other women in our community.
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