Barber installing men's hair replacement system from American Hairlines

Bring on the swagger

No look is off limits with American Hairlines. This kick-ass collection of men’s hair replacement systems gives him a look that’s unbelievably realistic and downright enviable. Each top-of-head hairpiece is designed with a killer front hairline and the appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp. Completely customizable systems let you make it your own.

100% human hair • 100% hand-crafted • Micro-thin, flush, undetectable
• Lightweight comfortable construction • Uncompromising quality

All looks created by Milciades "Manny" Rolon

• American Hairlines Brand Ambassador • Salon Owner, Silver Vine Room, NJ & • Salon Owner, My Darling Ivy, NYC • Salon Owner, ONE 10 SO, MIAMI • NAHA Team Winner • HVA5 Winner •



Together with his wife Denise and his mother Eleanor, Michael Napolitano establishes American Hairlines®.  The newly founded company offers professional, non-surgical, hair replacement stock and custom systems for men and women designed for daily wear and longevity.

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Michael Napolitano, president and CEO of American Hairlines, the leader in non-surgical men’s hair replacement systems, assumed controlling interest in Eva Gabor International and merged the two companies.


The Virtual Reality (VR) brand by American Hairlines launches and revolutionizes the hair replacement industry. An innovative and aggressive marketing campaign of in-salon VR Live events showcases state-of-the-art Trend systems and upgrades clients from 1-4 systems yearly to 12-17 per year.
Model wearing Trend II by American Hairlines outside
Model wearing Virtual Skin by American Hairlines


The Natural Advantage brand is launched under American Hairlines, offering high-quality non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women designed for extended wear with new modern styling, lighter materials, less density and an advanced front hairline.


The women’s version of the Virtual Reality brand is introduced. Virtuesse by American Hairlines launches with in-salon Virtuesse Live events.
Model wearing Marilyn Plus by American Hairlines


Celebrity Signatures International, Inc. and Eva Gabor International divisions are merged. The company name is changed to HairUWear Inc. and is reinvented into a multi-branded, fashion focused company.


‘Ultima’ by American Hairlines is introduced and offers men a unique system with a special polyurethane base that provides a one-month solution.

Model wearing Ultima by American Hairlines outside
Model wearing Vigor by American Hairlines in front of industrial building


‘Vigor’ by American Hairlines launches and offers men a system with a fine monofilament base of reinforced polyurethane with gauze silk, combing durability with esthetics.

HairUWear moves headquarters, education center and warehouse to Lenexa, Kansas.


‘Ultra Lace’ is a state-of-the-art men’s system introduced by American Hairlines. The base design of soft Swiss lace holds its contour by 360 circular stitching. ‘Ultra Lace’ has the smoothest finished edge in the marketplace with virtually no demarcation between the system and the client’s own natural growing hair.

Model wearing Ultra Lace by American Hairlines


American Hairlines introduces ‘Trend Ready’, providing hair replacement studios with a new men’s hair system featuring V-looped hair vented at a shorter length to reduce cut in time.


American Hairlines launches a new women’s system ‘Integration Plus’ featuring a new patent-pending Open Fusion Technology that allows for fully integrated hair systems that do not require shaving, clips or glue.

Model wearing Durable Lace by American Hairlines smiling next to woman


American Hairlines also introduces two new men’s systems. ‘Durable Lace’ has a two-month wear, making it an ideal solution for many clients. ‘Trend Advantage’ features the new Nano Knot™ technology that uses the smallest hand-tied knots possible. This secure knotting method is paired with a thin poly-coated tulle to provide a truly authentic appearance and also a solution to the growing demand for a longer wearing system.


A major breakthrough, Open Fusion Technology is taken to a new level with the launch of ‘Elite Fusion’. Made with 100% human hair, ‘Elite Fusion’ gives you confidence because of its great coverage. It is secure, comfortable, discreet, and blends together beautifully with anyone’s own hair.


American Hairlines celebrates 40 years of unsurpassed quality, style & innovation.

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