Textured Flip

This on trend style is as fun to wear as it is easy to style with an all-over layered, cropped shag and piecey texture throughout. The layering at the top allows for fullness and volume, while longer pieces at the temple and sides mean these textured flicks can be placed onto the face or swept back. Choppy, razor cut pieces at the nape add a modern flair and a head hugging contour.

Large Velvet Comfort Band™
Trame intérieure "cachée
Open Ear Tabs
Velvet-Lined Nape
Tru2Life® Cheveux synthétiques résistants à la chaleur

Taille du capuchon : Moyenne

Front: 4¼”

Crown: 4¼”

Sides: 4¼″

Back: 3½″

Nuque : 3½"

Weight: 2.7 oz