color collections


This collection of multi-dimensional shades is created by hand-blending tone-on-tone hues to create 27 brilliant colors that are a perfect balance of subtle depth and natural-looking highlights. Gabor Luminous Color styles are made with Kanekalon Flexlite fiber.

GL1-2 Double Espresso
GL2-6 Black Coffee
GL4-8 Dark Chocolate
GL6-30 Mahogany
GL8-10 Dark Chestnut
GL8-29 Hazelnut
GL10-12 Sunlit Chestnut
GL10-14 Walnut
GL11-25 Honey Pecan
GL12-14 Mocha
GL12-16 Golden Walnut
GL14-16 Honey Toast
GL15-26 Buttered Toast
GL14-22 Sandy Blonde
GL18-23 Toasted Pecan
GL16-27 Buttered Biscuit
GL23-101 Sunkissed Beige
GL27-22 Caramel
GL27-29 Chocolate Caramel
GL29-31 Rusty Auburn
GL30-32 Dark Copper
GL33-130 Sangria
GL38-48 Sugared Smoke
GL44-51 Sugared Charcoal
GL51-56 Sugared Pewter
GL56-60 Sugared Silver
GL60-101 Silvery Moon

A lightweight, fine 24 denier fiber, Kanekalon Flexlite eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage.


Gabor Soft Shades give each style a subtle progression of dimensional color that is darkest at the root, gradually lightens to a mid-tone range and is lightest at the ends for the natural look of hair lightened by the sun. With softer contrasts and a more gradual transition than traditional rooted colors, Gabor Soft Shades offer modern dimension and depth for a youthful, sun-kissed effect. Gabor Soft Shades styles are made with Kanekalon Flexlite fiber.

SS Rusty Auburn
SS Buttered Toast
SS Hazelnut
SS Sandy Blonde
SS Honey Pecan
SS Champagne Blonde
SS Honey Toast
SS Sunkissed Beige
SS Buttered Biscuit
SS Sugared Nickel

A lightweight, fine 24 denier fiber, Kanekalon Flexlite eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage.


Wig styles made with Gabor Plus shades have face-framing highlights and lowlights in the front that gradually progress to deeper and richer hues at the nape. Choose from an array of salon-inspired colors. Gabor Plus Color styles are made with Kanekalon Flexlite fiber.

G2+ Licorice Mist
G4+ Dark Chocolate Mist
G6+ Coffee Mist
G8+ Chestnut Mist
G10+ Nutmeg Mist
G11+ Mocha Mist
G12+ Pecan Mist
G811+ Mahogany Mist
G13+ Cappuccino Mist
G14+ Almond Mist
G15+ Buttered Toast Mist
G16+ Honey Mist
G17+ Vanilla Mist
G19+ Praline Mist
G20+ Wheat Mist
G27+ Ginger Mist
G29+ Cayenne Mist
G30+ Paprika Mist
G630+ Chocolate Copper Mist
G31+ Mango Mist
G829+ Dark Cinnamon Mist
G38+ Sugared Walnut
G48+ Sugared Pecan
G56+ Sugared Silver
G58+ Sugared Almond
G60+ Burnished Snow
G101+ Platinum Mist
305C Sugared Smoke
511C Sugared Charcoal

A lightweight, fine 24 denier fiber, Kanekalon Flexlite eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage.


All Gabor Essentials styles are made with HairUWear’s exclusive Kanekalon Excelle heat-friendly fiber. This soft, natural-looking, 100% polyester fiber can be heat styled to achieve the look you want.

Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Blonde Brown
Dark Blonde
Medium Blonde
Light Blonde
Light Red
Medium Red
Brown Grey
Light Grey

Gabor’s special Kanekalon Excelle synthetic hair fiber is easier to care for than your own hair, and the hand-blended colors makes it the most natural-looking hair around. Use styling products as needed or even heat style.


All Gabor Designer Series styles are made with Tru2Life synthetic fiber. The texture is light, soft and lustrous without being shiny, plus it’s heat-friendly! Straight styles can be curled and curly styles can be straightened using your flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer.

GB - Luminous Colors - GL1-2 Double Espresso
GF1-2 Double Espresso
RW - Tru2Life - RL6-8 Dark Chocolate
GF6-8 Dark Chocolate
RW - Tru2Life - RL6-30 Copper Mahogany
GF6-30 Mahogany
RW - Vibralite - R14-88H Golden Wheat
GF14-88 Golden Wheat
RW - Vibralite - R16-22 Iced Sweet Cream
GF16-22 Iced Sweet Cream
RW - Tru2Life - RL19-23 Biscuit
GF19-23 Biscuit
RW - Tru2Life - RL29-25 Golden Russet
GF29-25 Golden Russet
RW - Tru2Life - RL31-29 Fiery Copper
GF31-29 Fiery Copper
RW - Tru2Life - RL511 Sugar & Charcoal
GF511 Sugar & Charcoal
RW - Tru2Life - RL119 Silver & Smoke
GF119 Silver & Smoke
56-1001 - Arctic White-swatch
GF56-1001 Arctic White
GB - Luminous Colors - GL56-60 Sugared Silver
GF56-60 Silver
RW - Tru2Life - Shadow Shades - RL4-10SS Shaded Iced Java-1
GF4-10SS SS Iced Java
RW - Tru2Life - RL8-12SS Shaded Iced Mocha
GF8-12SS SS Iced Mocha
GB - Soft Shades - GL8-29SS SS Hazelnut
GF8-29SS SS Hazelnut
RW - Tru2Life - RL9-24SS Shaded Iced Cafe Latte
GF9-24SS SS Iced Café Latte
RW - Tru2Life - RL10-22SS Shaded Iced Cappuccino
GF10-22SS SS Iced Cappuccino
GB - Soft Shades - GL11-25SS SS Honey Pecan
GF11-25SS SS Honey Pecan
RW - Tru2Life - RL12-22SS Shaded Cappuccino
GF12-22SS SS Cappuccino
GF132SS SS Sangria
RW - Vibralite - SS14-88 SS Golden Wheat
GF14-22SS SS Wheat
RW - Tru2Life - Shadow Shades - RL17-23SS Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato
GF17-23SS SS Iced Latte Macchiato
GF19-23SS SS Biscuit
RW - Tru2Life - RL29-33SS Shaded Iced Pumpkin Spice
GF29-33SS SS Iced Pumpkin Spice
GF44-60SS SS Sugared Licorice

Gabor’s Tru2Life synthetic fiber looks and feels like real hair.