Raquel's Mission

"Making Every Woman Feel Even More Beautiful Than They Already Are"





Remembering a Legend

A legendary beauty with a vivacious talent, Raquel Welch leaves a legacy as the smart, savvy Creative Director of her Raquel Welch® Collection. Raquel made it fun and fashionable to wear wigs. She insisted that any style in her collection be worthy of a leading lady and make you feel like you’d just stepped into the spotlight. We are honored to continue her mission for designing high-quality wigs and toppers that have effortless style… and just the right amount of sexy.

About Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch burst onto movie screens in the 1966 sci-fi classic One Million Years BC, and starred in over 45 films including Hannie Caulder, Kansas City Bomber, Myra Breckinridge, and The Three Musketeers for which she won a Golden Globe for best actress. Raquel’s unique persona on film made her into an icon of the 60s and 70s, but her identity was about more than mere beauty or her world-famous poster in that unforgettable doe-skin bikini. Like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe before her, Raquel Welch transcended stardom. Her sultry beauty, talent and vibrant personality set her apart from those who came before. She broke the mold of the submissive blonde bombshell and remained her own woman throughout her remarkable career.

What Makes Raquel Welch Wigs Different?

Raquel Welch wigs and top pieces take full advantage of the latest advances in technology that allow for our products to have superior construction and wear-ability with only the very best fibers and hair colors. This makes the overall quality lighter, more natural looking and more user friendly than ever before.

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