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Raquel Couture

"What Woman Doesn’t Dream Of A Perfect World?" - Raquel Welch

A world where everything is beautiful, all our wishes are granted, every whim is satisfied. While I don’t believe in perfection, my new Couture Human Hair Collection is as close as it gets. The very definition of a modern luxury that is rooted in tradition, obsessed with detail, dedicated to excellence. Rich, glossy, gorgeous, real hair. Who says dreams can’t come true?

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100% Remy Hair

Raquel Couture wigs are made with 100% full cuticle hair. Our Remy hair is third party tested, hand-selected, certified. Because all the cuticles run in the same direction, there is a noticeable difference in feel. Hair is softer to the touch and natural looking. Minimal processing allows the hair to hold its lustrous shine and elasticity.

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The Pinnacle Cap

The ultimate in hand-crafted couture. This is a designer collection that redefines luxury. Each wig is made entirely from human hair. And only 100% Remy hair will do. (Others claim this. Raquel Couture certifies it.) Every piece is hand-crafted and as close to a custom wig as you can get. Pure indulgence. Pure beauty. Pure Couture.

Couture Pinnacle cap construction
French Drawn cap construction 360 view

French Drawn Top

The construction of our French Drawn top offers the ultimate in wig comfort. The beautiful details: Each wig is crafted with three layers of material – two outer nylon silk layers and a Swiss Lace layer in the center. The knotting method is state-of-the-art wig making, resulting in the most natural looking wigs on the market today. Hair is knotted on the middle Swiss Lace layer and then pulled through the super-fine nylon silk mono top layer. Knots in the middle layer are invisible, which gives the appearance of naturally growing hair.

The third layer rests on the wearer’s scalp and offers the ultimate in wig comfort whether the client is simply looking for a fashionable style or is suffering from complete hair loss.